In the fickle world of real estate, there is one company that continues to break new ground and set standards for others to follow. Setschedule, founded in 2014, is regarded as the first of its kind, by revolutionizing the way home owners and home buyers connect with real estate professionals across the US. The company based in Irvine, California utilizes advanced technology with years of experience in the real estate field to provide an appointment making system which makes the whole home buying and home selling a smooth, efficient and more cost-effective process. Having built up a network of over 3000 reputable real estate professionals across the country Setschedule enables verified home owners and home buyers to connect with the right people in a timely and simple manner. By providing the connection, the whole buying and selling process is six times faster when using Setschedule.

SetValue Launches Breaks New Ground in the Real Estate Industry

However, not one to rest on his laurels, Setschedule CEO Roy Dekel recently launched SetValue, a ground breaking new tool which is designed to further speed up the home buying and selling process and provide a useful resource to real estate professionals. SetValue uses advanced technology to collate a wide range of resources, including public records and other real estate websites, and then match that data with information regarding local home sale trends and comparable property prices, to provide an accurate and useful property price valuation estimate.

Although, like any online home valuation, the SetValue tool is not designed to replace the formal valuation of a real estate professional. Instead, the SetValue tool, which is also available as a mobile app, is designed to provide a beneficial price guide which should make pricing and selling a home quicker and easier. What makes the SetValue tool unique is that not only does it provide an accurate estimation based on a wealth of different data resources, but with the Setschedule advantage, it is possible to connect the home buyers and home owners with an actual local real estate professional who can carry out the formal valuation.

Setschedule Cares Foundation Breaks New Ground in its Charity Work

The man behind Setschedule, Roy Dekel, has also been breaking new ground personally, as well. The Israeli-born entrepreneur has been a long-standing supporter of a number of charitable organizations. As someone who is both proud and grateful of his roots, the Israeli-born businessman is a tireless leader and advocate of the Israeli and Jewish community. As an active member of the Israeli American Council (IAC) and the American Technion Society, Roy has helped contribute towards the outstanding success of the Technion-Israel Institute, establishing it as one of the world’s foremost science and technology universities.  The Technion-Israel Institute is widely credited as playing a major part in the runaway success of the Israeli economy, whilst along the way, the Technion-Israel Institute has managed to contribute three Nobel Prize winners.

Recently, Roy Dekel and Setschedule launched the Setschedule Cares Foundation, which evolved from annual beach clean ups by the staff to an ambitious employee donation and volunteer matching program. By actively encouraging its employees to donate time and money to a set of approved charitable organizations, SetSchedule has vowed to match any cash donations from its U.S. employees up to $2500 a year as well as donate $25 per hour for the time any of its employee’s volunteer with one of the approved non-profit organizations.

The Setschedule Cares Foundation aims to donate $1.5 million to over 19,000 charities by Summer 2020 and is indicative of Roy Dekel and Setschedule’s drive, ambition and innovation with community and charity always at their core.