If you are planning to sell your house in the next year, you may be wondering what is the best and worst month to sell a house? The answer varies from state to state, but there are some common factors to consider in all areas.

No matter where you live, marketing your house well and setting a good price will help you sell your house quickly. Working with an accomplished real estate agent, such as Roy Dekel and his team at SetSchedule, can help you sell your house in any month.

Roy Dekel “The winter is the slowest season.”

The winter is generally a slower time for home sales. Especially in places where winter weather is frequently strong and icy, prospective buyers will not want to venture out on slippery roads to look at homes. With grey weather and little sunshine, it is hard to make homes look inviting during the winter. Many realtors experience the Holiday Season of November through January to e the worst month to sell a house, with the last two weeks of the calendar year to be especially slow.

SetSchedule: Busy months may not be profitable

There are typically more sales during the summer months, as many families with children choose to wait until the school year is finished before moving to a new home. With the warm weather, sunny days, and lighter summer schedules, families will venture out to see houses for sale during the summer months. Homes tend to look their best during these months, with lawns and gardens in full bloom, and plenty of sunshine to highlight natural light indoors.

While more buyers are out looking for a home, this may not be the very best time to sell your house either. July and August are known to be great months for a buyer to purchase a home. The other side of the equation must also be recognized; during months that are excellent for buyers to purchase are months that are not good times for sellers to sell. It is during these months where homes will sell for less than they would in other months. An expert real estate agent, like those at SetSchedule can help you plan the perfect timing for selling your house.

The worst month to sell a house by state

Each state has a different market, and it is important to research your market well in order to know what the worst month to sell a house is. The list below shows which month is the worst to sell a house according to Smartzip. Here, monthly selling trends and average days on the market supported which was the best and worst time to sell a house. For most states, March was the worst month.

JANUARY: Idaho, Utah

FEBRUARY: Montana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont

MARCH: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin

APRIL: District of Columbia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Virginia, West Virginia

MAY: Colorado, Illinois, South Carolina, Texas


JULY: Hawaii, North Dakota, Nevada


SEPTEMBER: Delaware, Washington

OCTOBER: Arizona


DECEMBER:  Alaska, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Wyoming

Work with your real estate agent

As we have shown, different sets of data offer different perspectives on what is the worst month to sell a house. With markets different from location to location, it is best to work with a professional real estate agent in your area to plan what the best or worst month to sell your house is. Your real estate agent can also help you overcome seasonal challenges by pricing your home right and marketing effectively. With the right help, you can sell your home in any month.