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Roy Dekel is the CEO of SetSchedule, a data and practice management company that connects realtors® with homeowners, buyers and investors who are looking to buy and sell properties.

Entertainment was one of the main reasons Roy Dekel moved to Los Angeles. He felt that the essence of a producer was much like that of an entrepreneur. The producer is one of the most important components to a successful film; they are responsible for the preparation, supervision, and overall quality of the final product. Between 2003 and 2004, shortly after he arrived to the United States, he found plenty of opportunities in LA. LA is known as a gateway city for aspiring actors and actresses as well as directors,  producers, costume designers, and other major players in the film and TV industry. Not only were there opportunities for direct film involvement, there were also opportunities to invest. Roy enjoyed watching movies throughout his childhood and adolescence, so he wanted to have a bigger role – he wanted to be responsible for some of same films he loved.

Roy initially invested by forming his production company and using experienced producers who were able to give him real, first hand industry insight. This lead to invaluable connections with good studio heads and projects that were in need of financing. Fortunately for Roy, this was his big break to get his foot in the door and invest in the quality productions he enjoyed. Roy Dekel primarily views himself as an investor, but would take active roles based on the production needs.

When contemplating which films to invest in, Roy’s mission statement is the following: “sourcing, financing, and finding high quality scripts in niche segments or genres that have potential of high production value”. The quality of the film is always the top priority. One of his favorite titles is Crash, a story about the lives of multiple Los Angeles citizens that come together as they navigate racial tensions that infiltrate city culture. Crash won 3 Oscars and was nominated for over 80 other awards.

This website is dedicated to high quality indie films and general Media.