When A More-than-due Golden Globe To William Peter Blatty Outraged Hollywood


is memoir, Starflacker: Inside the Golden Age of Hollywood)

One question which is chatted up in Hollywood at this crucial waiting-for-the-Oscar-noms time of the year is “do the Golden Globes awarding influence, foretell or in any other way impact the names and films which will decorate the nominations list? (to be read out on January 24 this year) There are usually some overlaps and also some Hollywood Foreign Press Association winners who don’t make the Oscar countdown at all.

In 1980 one Globe awardee came in from such deep left field, an achievement not vaguely on the minds or tongues of Oscar electors, that there was instant scandal when it was announced. It drew such wrath that there was question if the award show would be telecast the following year. The recent passing of super-best-selling “Exorcist” and Oscar-winning screenwriter (for the adaptation of his book) William Peter Blatty brings that all-but-forgotten Golden Globe controversy to mind.

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